Made in Italy. Lived Universally.

We as an organization stand behind these four words which empower generations globally to express excellence in everything they do through the clothing they wear.

Lived universally, to us, deepens the root of our mission, which is to provide the world with the most accessible yet magnificent products that will live to tell a story for generations beyond their own.

We understand as an organization, the immense empowerment created from the clothing you wear and the confidence your pieces provide. We believe the accessibility to this empowerment should not be limited to a singular region or a singular method of access, this is the reason Macien is accessible to every country at anytime, anywhere across the globe.


Since 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 global epidemic, Macien has worked tirelessly to create a place where luxury and excellence could be experienced safely and comfortably from your own home. This is the reason Macien has chosen to maintain an online only based shopping experience and will continue to maintain this model for years to come.

We believe anyone from anywhere in the world should be able to access magnificent products anytime and anywhere, not only in a location under the right conditions.


The future of Macien is simple, continue the advancement and accessibility of human empowerment for generations to come through any means possible.

Our hope is that the generations today, will be able to utilize our products to tell stories for generations to come of the perseverance and grit sustained through the difficult times and magnificent times.

Macien will continue to remain only existent in the virtual world with no physical store locations until we are confident that physical locations can carry out our mission of empowerment to every person on every continent and every city.

Team Members

James C. Founder/CEO

Born in London, UK and raised in Milan, Italy, James has had a passion for providing the most high quality materials and products possible to our loyal customers.

Marsha B. COO

Passionate for helping her team succeed and operate to their highest ability, Marsha joined our team 2yrs ago from Ukraine and has re-shaped the way we operate today.